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Avoiding Merchant Account Chargebacks


A chargeback is a transaction that an Issuer returns to a merchant bank and most often, to the merchant – as a financial liability. In essence, it reverses a sales transaction, as follows:

* The card issuer subtracts the transaction dollar amount from the cardholder’s Visa account. The cardholder receives a credit and is no longer financially responsible for the dollar amount of the transaction.

Competitive Advantage – Make Your Strategic Plan Your Launching Pad


Developing competitive advantage in the market place is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

According to Wikipedia,

“Competitive advantage is a position that a company occupies in its competitive landscape. A competitive advantage, sustainable or not, exists when a company makes a profit, that is, their earnings exceed their costs.. That means that normal competitive pressures are not able to drive down the firm’s earnings to the point where they cover all costs and just provide minimum sufficient additional return to keep capital invested. Most forms of competitive advantage cannot be sustained for any length of time because the promise of profits invites competitors to duplicate the competitive advantage held by any one firm.